Hiran the necromancer

A powerful necromancer, ruler of Morven


he is an foul undead creature!
he is just a mortal wizard, focusing on necromancy.
he has been alive for hundreds of years, proving he is undead!
he has been alive for hundreds of years, but he is an Eldarin or other long-lived race.
he has a terrible plan to destroy all life around the Circle Sea!
he knows the secret of the Circle Sea and the storm
he is seeking an unknown artefact and would give anything for it (upto and including ownership of Morven)
he opened the Morvenwalk not for profit, but to lure travellers to their deaths


Legends of Hiran the necromancer have been floating around for more than 50 years, although they are widely varied.

He appears to be an Orenian human, but this is not proven.
He commands an army of undead, but it’s unclear if he is undead himself.
some stories pain Hiran as an incredibly evil villan, but some say he is using dark powers for ‘good’.

30 years ago, Hiran the necromancer assaulted Morvenwalk Gate with his undead army and took it over, exiling the survivors. He claims ownership of it now and has reopened Morvenwalk to travellers.

Hiran the necromancer

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