What are Genies in this campaign?

Genie/Genies or Jinn/Jinni are words for all creatures with the ‘elemental’ origin, which represents all ‘elemental’ creatures having a magical bond/common origin, beginning in the Elemental Chaos and including how it possible to change one type of Genie into another, through ritual or intense effort.

Elemental creatures/Genies are widely varied and but there are 4 common elements that are used to set distinctions between them:

Elemental form: Composed of elemental materials or able to transform into the same. Ageless.
Elemental Powers: Strong powers to manipulate or create certain elements, equal to that of a powerful wizard
Intelligence: Having human-like intelligence and other meaningful mental scores
Free Will: having the ability to choose their own alignment and actions, as opposed to being set in their ways

“Demons” have intelligence, an elemental form and often have elemental powers, but they lack free will. Demons are Genies that simply have their nature to be evil and destructive. While some can rebel against their nature for a time, it doesn’t last.

“Elementals” possess an elemental body and powers but lack intelligence and free will. They are simple creations of one or two elements. If Elementals are not enslaved/controlled by stronger Genies, they are usual found maintaining/expanding their environments, with no desires beyond that.

“Common Genies” have intelligence and free will, but their elemental powers are weak compared to the others and their bodies are of flesh and blood, susceptible to disease and old age. Some types of giants (Fire/Frost/Earth etc) and Genasi fall into this category.

“Noble Genies” possess all four qualities, possessing a true-elemental body with great elemental power, high intelligence and free will. The Efreeti, Djinni, Dao and Mardid are Noble Genies.

It is common folklore that the most powerful of Noble Genies can grant wishes… but this is not easily proven as the most powerful of the Noble Genies are great powers that rarely ever visit the prime. If they do have this power, it is not used casually.

Imprisonment and servitude
Genies ‘granting wishes’ for those who free them is thus not about actual reality-altering wishes, but limited slavery.
Many non-demonic Genies come from honour-bound societies or are conditioned to put great weight on agreements and contracts, even if made under duress; they may offer to serve a rescuer for a period of time or a number of tasks, but this is not a magical compulsion and they may refuse certain tasks.
Rituals exist that can inflict magical compulsions on those of Elemental origin, binding them to complete a single task. Evil or vengeful Genies will try to twist these commands to being death or ruin to their commander.

‘Gen’ are tiny, weak Genies summoned to perform simple tasks or to bond with a Sha’ir (wizard variant) as a familiar.

Character Themes
The following Character Themes change your Origin to Elemental; these can be used for creatures warped or changed, but also can be used if you want to play a ‘natural’ Common Genie

Chaosmade, Demon Spawn, Earthforger, Firecrafter, Ironwrought, Watershaper, Windlord


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