House Rules

These rules are supposed to keep the game moving faster (the ready-actions rule) and just generally make things better.
These rules are not written in stone and unchanging, if you want to discuss them, it’s probably best to do this in PMs or emails.

Character Rules:
‘real 4ed’ and essentials rules are both in. We mostly use up to date ‘rules updates’, but if you feel these negatively effect your character, please contact me.

The Changling (renamed to Doppleganger) and Drow races are banned for PC use. Due to massive inherent NPC reaction and the potential abuse of shape-shifting disguises on society.

Half-Orcs don’t exist.
Bugbears are available as a PC race, but they use the Half-Orc stats and feats, with the following exceptions: Languages are Common and Goblin, racial skill bonuses are Stealth and Intimidate.

Any effect that causes a creature to end the marked condition from one or more targets also makes the creature immune to that target’s defender aura until the beginning of its next turn.

Inherent Enhancement Bonuses
I will be using the Inherent Enhancement Bonuses from DMG2, pg 138. This means that at levels 2,7,12,17,22,27 you get scaling Enhancement bonus to tohit and damage. So at 12th level, you get +3 to tohit/damage. This is an enhancement bonus, so it doesn’t stack with the enhancement bonus from weapons/ammunition. (ammunition bonuses override the inherent bonus, due to the magic ammunition rules)
At levels 4,9,124,19,24,29, you gain a scaling Enhancement bonus to AC, Fortitude, Reflex and Will.

Under this system: there are less magical items as rewards, more ‘magic items’ are infact boons/grandmaster-training/upgrades to current items, and Masterwork armours can be available for lower level magic items, as long as the user is high enough level.
This will be expanded with Alternate Wealth Rules.

Monster Rules:
Minions that lack decent ranged/death-avoidance/on-death powers are valued at 1/6th of a standard monster.
Minions that are notably weak are valued at 1/8th of a standard monster (See Zombie Rotters)
There is a new template for monsters called “Flawed”. Flawed monsters are valued at 1/2 EXP, but have a terrible and exploitable flaw, such as being dazed permanently, slowed permanently and lacking a ranged attack, can’t shift and only has a ranged attack that provokes.

Mechanics Rules:
Readying an action: As a standard action, you can ready an action for a certain situation. You declare the action you will take (which is a single standard action, or sold-down to a quicker action) and the trigger, this should be one action and one trigger, but two actions and two triggers can be made as long as they make sense (examples: I ready an action to charge the enemy if my ally attacks them, or to move to the door if my ally moves to the door/I ready an action to charge or basic melee attack the next goblin in range). The intent of the readied action should be simple.
If the readied action is triggered, your initiative stays the same. If the readied action is not triggered by the start of your next turn, you act normally at that point.

We are NOT using the item-rarity rules from Essentials, keeping with daily item usages and item rarity controlled by the GM.

House Rules

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