Humans are the dominant race/species of the Circle Sea area, and while they vary physically due to their heritage, the culture that they belong to is considered more important than their appearance.

Human characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language. They gain another language at 5th level.

One of the largest races in the area, Bugbears are often distrusted for their physical power mixed with surprising agility and strength. Mostly found in goblinoid tribes (where they are often warriors, leaders and champions) and as hired hands in larger cultures.

Bugbear characters start fluent in Common, Goblin and their cultural language
(Special rules for this race, see House Rules)

Changelings/Doppelgangers are a strange a secretive race with the ability to transform their features to match almost any person they have seen before! They are also reputed to have variable abilities to read and influence other people’s minds. These traits make them feared world-wide, for stories abound of Doppelgangers copying people, murdering them and taking over their lives.

Changelings are not suitable for player characters.

A very uncommon race of immortal humanoids, blessed/cursed to reincarnate after death, with limited knowledge of their many, many previous lives. Deva are almost exclusively adventurers, seeking confirmation of their previous lives and opposing evil acts; Deva strongly tend towards good alignments, most claiming that it is their nature.

Deva characters start fluent in Common and their choice of 2 others. They learn Supernal at 11th level.

Physically and socially imposing, Dragonborn are a wide spread race, forming small families in many locations. While they show reverence to Dragons (who they claim created the Dragonborn) they throw themselves into the culture they reside in, strongly embracing it’s values and practices.

Dragonborn characters start fluent in Common, Draconic and their cultural language

The greatest mortal evil.
While the Drow live secretive lives, deep underground in hidden cities carved over hundreds of years by abused slaves, their terrible depravities and atrocities are well-known. Every 1-2 years, the evil Drow rise up and tunnel under a surface city to takes slaves and torture victims in a horrific ritual to their demonic patrons. Death is generally seen as preferable to being taken alive by the Drow.

Drow are not suitable for player characters.

Stout and sturdy, Dwarves are one of the most common non-human races in the area. Often living alone (most common), in small work-groups or small families (least-common). Dwarves are mixed in their attitude to the culture they reside in, from strongly embracing their values and practices to just paying lip-service and minding their own business.

There are rumours of gigantic Dwarf-only enclaves hidden under the ground or in mountain ranges, but non-dwarves will never see them.

Dwarven characters start fluent in Common, Dwarven and their cultural language

The common stereotype of the Eldarin, is that of an otherworldly traveller, who doesn’t understand the subtleties of your culture but still finds delight in it. There are many more Eladrin who have spent more time in your culture than most humans expect to live, but they don’t register with most of ‘Eldarin’, just ‘people’. It’s rare for Eladrin to fully integrate into non-fey societies, but they are still trusted friends to many.

A significant number of Eldarin reside in ???? – the winter forest, although they seem less-effected by the darkness of this culture.

Eladrin characters start fluent in one language of their choice and two of the following languages: Common, Elven and their cultural language.

Elves are wide-spread in the lands surrounding the Circle Sea. Some fully integrate into their local culture, while others remain loners, existing on the edge of their society. Many elves take jobs that involve travel, such as messenger/merchant/merchant-guard.

Elven characters start fluent in Common, Elven and their cultural language

Most commonly found in Zakhara and Afyian, the Genasi have spread through out the land. They are a type of “Common ”/campaign/the-circle-sea/wikis/Genie/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Genie", which live, breed and die as flesh-and-blood creatures.

Genasi are commonly elementally-attuned to the region or environment where they are born, but this is not certain; Watersoul Genasi have been born to desert-dwellers who have never seen the Circle Sea, for example.

Genasi characters start fluent in Common, Primordial and their cultural language
All Genasi have the ‘Elemental’ origin, as opposed to Natural.

Two strange races, almost unheard of in the Circle Sea area. Tall and thin, with yellowish skin and flat noses, the Gith are clearly not human and can be hard to tell the difference between the ‘yanki and the ’zerai. Some of the Gith fade into human cultures while others form harsh enclaves who don’t associate with outsiders.

Gith characters start fluent in Deep Speech and Common.

Hyena-people found in scattered pockets all through out the south, tainted by the blood and blessing of Yeenoghu, a bestial demon lord. One of the fully mysterious races of the area, often coming into conflict with Zakharan nomads and similar people.

Gnolls are not suitable for player characters.

Small and strange, the Gnomes are a rare but wide-spread race, fitting into many cultures as aides, adjutants and middle-management; it’s uncommon for Gnomes to rise full leadership positions, due to the their small stature and unconventional viewpoints.

Gnome characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language

Crafty without being smart, Goblins are relatively common in the low-society parts of all cultures. Labourers, messengers and general servants, Goblins often take poor jobs and just make do with a simple life. There is a strong stereotype of Goblins as petty thieves, but they mostly see themselves as ‘opportunists’.

Goblin characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language

Originally from the mountains of Morven, these powerful humanoids have some elemental-earth aspect. While most remain in Morven and keep to themselves, those who travel often become adventures and famed heroes or villains.

Goliath characters start fluent in Common, Giant and their cultural language

Those born with both Human and Elven blood are often considered strange or special, any many of them are bound for great things. Half-elves are found all around, often travelling far from where their are from.

Half-elven characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language

Well travelled and well liked, Halfling fit into all levels of all cultures. They can be servants, slaves, merchants, entertainers, soldiers, pirates, viziers or great leaders.

Halfling characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language

This race doesn’t exist in the campaign. Also See Bugbear

Plant-spirits found in the Bright Reflection and Fimbul, taking the form of living, moving tree-women.

Hamadryad characters start fluent in Common and Elven or their cultural language

In the Bright Reflection there are many magical animals, possessing human-level intelligence and the ability to speak. Some of these tiny (cat-sized) animals undergo a ritual to gain the ability to shape-shift into medium-sized humanoid with strong animal features. All Hengyokai are born in the Bright Reflection, but those who become adventurers may have travelled in the past.

Hengeyokai characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language
(Special rules for this race: when using Nature’s Mask, Hengeyokai characters can still speak normally)

Hobgoblins distance themselves from Goblins where they can; they prize self-control and and organised behaviour over short-term gains. They generally live in small tribes or have joined larger cultures and are often found in military or bureaucratic power-structures, where their mindset pays off.

Hobgoblin characters start fluent in Common and their cultural language


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