The Circle Sea is a massive inland sea with a warm-temperate/tropical environment. It’s been lost land for 300+ years due to an immense perpetual storm. Explorers and adventurers have searched parts of the storm and only a small fraction have returned (but those who returned encountered little resistance).

In the last 5 years, the storm has been receding, revealing crystal-clear waters and untouched tropical islands. These ‘new’ lands and waters are unclaimed by the treaties and agreements between the surrounding countries, leading to expansion into the area and conflict.

The fear of war limits legitimate expansion, but independent elements like settlers, merchants and pirates are exploring and exploiting these islands.

Your characters are people from outside the shores of the Circle Sea, who have travelled here in search of a new life or to escape your old one…

The Circle Sea Wiki

The lands that this campaign are focused on are more eastern-inspired, with oriental and arabian themes.

The Circle Sea

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